Are you tired of feeling that the success you want comes at too high a cost?

Inclusive leadership coaching

Holistic coaching for ambitious, mission-driven leaders at all levels


Perhaps you have built some awareness around systems of privilege and oppression, and what it means to be inclusive, but are feeling stuck as far as how to take steps in your life to unlearn assimilation and create true inclusion for yourself as well as others.

Unexpectedly, I have found that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (a popular personality assessment that gives you a four-letter type such as ENTJ or ISFP) can be used as a powerful framework to help you heal from the trauma of patriarchy, white supremacy and other forms of oppression. Myers-Briggs can be used to validate who you are, as opposed to who you have been indoctrinated to think you should be, and then better understand and create inclusion for those you work with or are in community with also.

We start our coaching relationship with “Unlearning Assimilation through the Myers-Briggs personality type framework.” This includes a detailed Myers-Briggs assessment and deep dive interpretation session. We also look at five foundational tools for unlearning assimilation and dismantling white supremacy and create a customized action plan so you know how to move forward.

Longer term coaching plans are then available to provide you with the support you need to further unpack your past and current experiences, unlock the areas in your life where you feel stuck (for example, inner critic, external communication and relationships, career advancement, leadership, work/life integration or mission and legacy), and create inclusion for others.

Investment starts at $950. Sliding scale rates are available.

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